Danni Teaches Art!

Teaching Philosophy

I view art making as an avenue for critical thinking and discussion that can better connect us to our inner and outer worlds. My practices as both artist and educator constantly overlap and intertwine: What can we discover about ourselves,  each other, and our communities through the process of making art? I prioritize this question both in my studio and in my classroom. In my world, these environments have a symbiotic relationship: one is continuously informing the other. 

My intention is to create spaces that allow the viewer or the learner to see a part of themselves within the work they're looking at, or the work they're creating. 

I'm inspired by children, specifically their honesty and unapologetic curiosity; It keeps me on my toes, reminding me learning is everywhere. 

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Private Art Lessons for Ages 4-10

In my lessons, you can expect a fun, new approach to art making (and I'll come to you- so, right in your own home!). 

Masked, socially distanced, COVID-19 friendly classes, without the need to leave home. (Outside settings: backyard, patio, courtyard: strongly preferred!) 


1 child $80/ hour

2 children $130/ hour

3 children $165/hour

4 children $180/hour

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