Future Ruins is a body of work exploring our emotional associations with everyday objects and structures, while examining the boundaries between natural and manmade environments. Each piece utilizes secondhand material such as bed sheets, curtains, napkins, and childrens foam tiles, that are collaged, arranged, and painted into works that reference architectural spaces and light patterns. I chose to display these pieces in this wooded area to create a relationship between them and the natural world. I see them as ruins of the future; envisioning a post-apocalyptic landscape, void of humans yet defined by our remains, and the memories, trauma, and nostalgia that our objects so often tend to hold. Although this narrative is dark, in their marks, forms, construction, and colors, they are inherently playful. I’m an educator, and my pedagogical approaches in play, experimentation, and exploration greatly influences my artistic practice; I look, question, and think with a sense of wonder that I hope translates to my work.

My goal is that the physicality, materiality, and orientation of the work provokes viewers to look with curiosity, move through playfully, and consider how the pieces frame and alter the way we interact with the landscape. I invite viewers to imagine the lifepath of our own objects that we cherish and hold close; what they’ve experienced, where they’ll end up, and how they hold meaning for us.

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